Cinema Moments

I managed two ventures to the cinema this fine weekend. And in this Movie Moment Review, I’ll take you on the journey of Devil and Easy A (which could not be more opposite).

Let me caveat this by saying, Devil is not my type of movie. The first time I watched the trailer, I thought it looked interesting enough until these words flashed on the screen: M. Night Shyalaman. Gag. Visions of Lady in the Water, Unbreakable, The Village and (shudder) The Happening danced in my head. Well, more or less, they stepped on each other’s feet and fell over on the mental dance floor ever-present in my imagination.

I digress. Devil’s set-up was just fine. The characters were equally suspicious. The plot appropriately thin for a horror movie. People get on the elevator. People die. You wonder who is masquerading as the “Devil”. Enter weird sub-plot about a detective. Throw in some stereotyped Latino religious man. End with a limp noodle of a finale, and there you go. Devil as ruined by M. Night’s story.

Best Moment: The Devil’s reveal.

Easy A
Adolescent mayhem at its best. I went into Easy A, expecting a few laughs. I hoped the funniest scenes weren’t already thrown out by the trailer. I was pleasantly surprised. Emma Stone makes the movie in more ways than one. Her tone and delivery of hilarious lines that never come off acerbic or clichéd. She’s entertaining as a high school student who lies about having sex. The snowball ensues, and she’s stuck in a web of her own making. She takes advantage of the attention and embraces her fake “tramp lifestyle”. Comedic genius through her parents’ comments (who couldn’t seem less parental, but awesome in the way parents could want to aspire to be).

I recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh out loud without being beat over the head.

Best Moment: The Christian group is picketing Olive (Emma Stone) outside the school. Oliver’s crush, Trevor (Penn Badgley), says “Screw them all.” She turns to him and says, “Haven’t you heard? I already have.” It was one of the most serious moments, but also the most real and lasting delivery with the perfect twinge of regret and sadness.



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