Fall 2010 TV Premieres – Monday Review

This week got off to an insane start. Monday may be the biggest premiere night of the entire week. I didn’t even make it through all the shows (thus this being posted on a Tuesday). Let’s get right to it…

How I Met Your Mother (Season 6 Premiere) CBS
HIMYM is back! Well the funny is back. They gave us a huge chunk of important story with the revelation that Ted meets his future wife at the impending wedding. Robin and Barney? I speculate. Rachel Bilson’s lesbian turn was an unexpected but fun turn of events. Lily maintains the funniest lines. Marshall toes the line of obnoxious. It’s a show I don’t miss.

Best Moment: The High 6! Or well… the awkwardness of it.

Chuck (Season 4 Premiere) NBC
Of all the return shows, Chuck is the one I was looking forward to the most. The show never takes itself too seriously, and somehow maintains the biggest heart of any other show on TV. We return to find Chuck hunting for his mom (played by Linda Blair… I know. Awesome) and staying out the spy game. Well lo and behold! Chuck can’t seem to get a job. He venture back to the rebuilt Buy More to find it has become a spy base. Thus, Chuck is thrust right back into the fun that makes the show so watchable.

Best Moment: Chuck’s mom bringing the whup-ass to Dolph Lundgren and all those Russian agents at the end.

The Event (Series Premiere) NBC
Oh. The Event. Is there a show on TV that is more tailor-made for me? One of my co-workers even commented, “I saw the preview and thought of you.” The show promises excitement, likable actors, and a premise that has me intrigued. I can’t even begin to describe what happened. It’s as if the first episode is one big trailer for the whole season of the show. I wonder if the show can maintain this pace? Can they last more than one season? Would we even want the mystery to extend that long?

Best Moment: The blue ball of light gobbling up the plane. We didn’t see it coming, and now all we can think of is what the hell it was?

Lone Star (Series Premiere) FOX
Best new show I’ve seen so far. Watch it. James Wolk plays the extremely likable Bob Allen, who is married to a millionaire oil heiress, with a girlfriend on the side in Midland. Not only is he leading this double life, he’s a con man, conning everyday citizens out of their money for fake mineral rights. The show balances the awfulness of Bob Allen’s despicable nature by making him so likable, he could con you out of your own home. And you’d thank him for doing it. James Wolk comes off sensitive, genuine, and damaged. His wife and girlfriend hold up their ends, both hold their own in their scenes. Jon Voight and David Keith are just the cherries on top.

Best Moment: Bob Allen recognizes he can’t keep his secrets in Midland. He flees in the middle of the night, and he can feel his angst on leaving behind one of the women he loves.

Chase (Series Premiere) NBC
Ack! I haven’t had a moment to get to this yet. Will update soon.

Hawaii 5-0 (Series Premiere) CBS
Fast-paced. Episodic. Not convinced. Too much like every other CBS hour-long show. It was very watchable, but it’s missing the hook. What character do I get behind? Who do I cheer for?



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