Fall 2010 TV Premieres – Tuesday Reviews

Oh Tuesday. You weren’t as much of a time-beat-down as Monday, and you delivered some interesting shows. So let’s get right into it! (Weeds was excellent this week too, but not a premiere, so I’ll get to that later)

Glee (Season 2 Premiere) FOX
Oh, Glee. How much I love you. Your Season 2 premiere didn’t disappoint. Another contender for some favorite moments of the premiere season. The Glee club returned to Mckinley High after summer. Quinn was thin and gorgeous again (and out to be a Cheerio). Rachel and Finn continued their romance. Though was it just me or was Rachel really bitchy this episode? Mr. Schuester and Sue teamed up to take on a new hilarious adversary. There was fantastic singing. Quotes galore. Glee is back with a bang.

Best Moment(s); Rachel’s sing-off in the bathroom! Sue’s knock-down of Satana’s boob job. The quotes: “You’re all coffee and no omelets!” “These seats are occupied by my ghost friends.”

Raising Hope (Series Premiere) FOX
Boy-Man and his awful familly do lackluster things. Boy-Man makes baby with serial killer woman (unknowingly). Boy-Man gets baby. Boy-Man tries to raise baby amongst mongrels. I was really excited about this show with all of its good press. However, the pilot didn’t perform. The jokes were too harsh or degrading in their form. Throwing up on a baby? Twice? No. There may be some heart here, but it took way too long to find it. The grocery store clerk is the shining light.

Best Moment: The parents singing to the baby to get her to sleep (barely ranked as a moment).

Running Wilde (Series Premiere) FOX
Okay, so Running Wilde was a bit more palatable. But the story is weak. Rich boy misses girl. Girl comes back into his life. She decides to stay. Wacky daughter runs amok and scarfs down cupcakes. The show smells and tastes like FOX. I’ll watch a few more before deciding, but the hook has to strengthen. The characters aren’t nearly deep enough to engage us without our pre-disposition to Will Arnett and Keri Russell.

Best Moment: Ehhh… No moments really stood out.

No Ordinary Family (Series Premiere) ABC
Yes, this hasn’t officially premiered yet. I happened to see it early-style. The actors are very watchable. The story is quick and gets to the point. The family is strained. They are a typical modern family more involved with work and gadgets than each other. Then the accident. Super powers! They acclimate well, and almost make it believable. I can see families gathering around just for this show. It’s achieved a season pass.

Best Moment: The daughter discovering her b/f is cheating by reading his mind. It’s the power we all want, but we’d probably deny.

Parenthood (Season 2 Premiere) NBC
Drats. I haven’t caught up on Season 1 yet.  I may have to relegate this series to catch up on DVD.



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