Fall 2010 TV Premieres – Wednesday Review

Wednesday was a lot easier to take time wise. I managed to get through all the shows in one evening! Sadly, Thursday/Friday will be delayed, as I’ll be catching up this weekend (Gots to have a life).But mid-week through, this has been an excellent premiere season!

Undercovers (Series Premiere) NBC
The first and most important point – Steven Bloom (Boris Kodjoe) and Samantha Bloom (Gugu Mbadtha-Raw) have such amazing chemistry, the air in the room sizzles. They are charismatic, fun and beautiful. And the best part? They’re equals on screen with wit and action. No uneven partnership here. Casting was excellent. The husband and wife team are brought back into the agency/spy life. Good comic relief with Steven’s lackey. Spy shows may seem over abundant, but there is a good reason. Escapist fantasy of an action-adventure life. I’ll be DVRing this for sure.

Best Moment: The twist. Something is not right with the couple’s recruitment…

Better With You (Series Premiere) ABC
A new comedy series about three different relationships within one family. I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed out loud multiple times. Not only that, I warmed to the characters. They’re funny without being off-putting. The different generations are also varied enough, there’s enough for everyone to relate. Definitely recording this one too.

Best Moment: When the parents are reading one of their daughter’s boyfriend’s notes on how to deal with them. “The mom is a little bit racist.” – Her delivery is perfect.

Modern Family (Season 2 Premiere) ABC
Every episode of this show is consistently funny. If you’re not watching this already, you need to be. It didn’t feel like a premiere as much as another episode of any season. I would have liked a little more “premiere bang” but otherwise great.

Best Moment: Cameron’s quote (I have to paraphrase): “I’d rather just die. I wouldn’t be a very gracious handicapped person.”

Cougar Town (Season 2 Premiere) ABC
Last season was great. This premiere was lackluster. The characters are funny and charming. The story was weak. I hope for more as they progress through Season 2. Season 2 is so pivotal as it’s often a series’ most difficult challenge.

Best Moment: The drinking game they created. Take two movies with a shared word in the title and mix the plots. I’m so playing this with my friends.



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