Fall 2010 TV Premieres – Thursday, Friday and Sunday Reviews

With so much going on, I had to bucket several days together. It took me all my non-social or work-planned free time to catch up! I’ll be making several rounds of cuts this week before I settle down on a watchable TV schedule.

Community (Season 2 Premiere) NBC
The unlikely band of misfits didn’t hide from a single drama-bomb dropped in the season finale. They dove right into Brita’s confession of love for Jeff, and Jeff kissing Annie. The group implodes (with hilarity) and come right back together (thanks to Betty White). The fast dialogue and meta-view of their own circumstances provides reliable laughs.

Best Moment: The song/rap at the end with Betty White. Genius (as always).

30 Rock (Season 5 Premiere) NBC
I smiled all the way through. Not quite belly laugh, but 30 Rock has stood the test of time season after season. Liz is still dating Carol (Matt Damon). Jack is trying to one-up Avery. Jenna becomes a producer. Tracy misses Kenneth. Hilarity ensues. If you don’t watch this show, rent or by the previous seasons. They’re so addictive, you won’t be able to watch anything else.

Best Moment: Matt Damon bawling.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 7 Premiere) ABC
Grey’s has always struck a chord for me, all the way back to Season 1. Complicated imperfect Meredith was a rarity on television. A fully 3-dimensional character with realistic flaws. Shonda Rhimes has a knack for writing characters on par with Joss Whedon. After the traumatic events of the finale, the season premiere picks up 3 months later. We get a view into all the character’s lives as they deal with the events of the gunmen. Meredith is trying to save everyone instead of fermenting in her own turmoil. The inter-spliced moments from the finale almost gave me a heart attack. Good start to another promising season.

Best Moment: Lexie taking up for herself to Mark, Alex, and the psychologist. Of all the characters, I have the most sympathy for her. Imagine being able to remember every single detail of the worst day of your life for the rest of your life.

My Generation (Series Premiere) ABC
I was really excited about this show. A fictionalized documentary style take on a group of people from the high school class of 2000, and their lives 10 years later. Oh wait, I’m class of 2000. And yes, it’s 10 years later. Personal anecdotes aside, the show was awkward in a realistic way, while the actual interconnection of plot was completely ridiculous. I’m not completely sold on the show as a living series, but I’m intrigued enough for it to make a second week.

Best Moment: The avoidance of all the awkward questions. Some of which I’d dodge too.

Smallville (Season 10 Premiere) The CW
The final season! Clark almost died! Darkseid as the villain! I can’t wait. Most shows don’t last this long, and fewer of them stay watchable. This season may be the best, most action packed yet.

Best Moment: Chloe putting on Fate’s helmet and then appearing in the car after they release Oliver. Did she trade herself or did she capture him? WTF?

Supernatural (Season 6 Premiere) The CW
Dean’s living the family life. Sam is back from Hell (somehow?). I’m not sure where we’re going this season, but I can’t turn away from the Winchester brothers. I love the addition of their resurrected grandfather. I already miss the angels.

Best Moment: Dean seeing Yellow Eyes and feeling powerless (even if it was a hallucination).

Desperate Housewives (Season 7 Premiere) ABC
This season seems about as formulaic as the past, but the ladies of Desperate Housewives still have a lot of entertaining stories to tell. Paul back on Wisteria is a nice tough. I’m not sure how Vanessa Williams will fit into the show, but you can feel the need for someone like her (I still miss Nicolette Sheridan). I’m not a fan of the Mike/Susan storyline. I’m loving the mystery/secret swap with Gabby and Carlos.

Best Moment: Paul’s line towards the end, “I’ve had 10 years to perfect my plan.”

Brothers and Sisters (Season 5 Premiere) ABC
I’ve in and out of love with the show over the years. I watched season 1 and 2 intently, only to skip most of season 3 (I hate Scotty). I caught up in time for season 4, and I’m hooked again. The Walkers bicker like my family at Thanksgiving. They exhaust me. And they sometimes cause a lonely tear. I can’t turn away from them when this may be their last season.

Best Moment: Justin’s outburst of how crazy the whole family is acting. Love that he’s coming back into his own and acting like the stable one.


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