Simple Pleasures

Some of us go through life counting the paces between one big moment and the next. Marriage. Babies. Birthdays. Christmas. Weekends. We let our happiness be defined by the big bets. The hyped occurrences. Sometimes we forget all the little things that make life so much fun. The simple pleasures.

I don’t always remind myself of how many wonderful things make me smile on a regular basis. I thought I’d share some of the classic, and some of the new.

Toast w/Jam – What’s better? A slice of perfectly toasted whole wheat, a dab of butter and some grape or strawberry jam. I could eat just that for a meal.

Going to see my Internal Medicine Doctor – What? Am I crazy? Ha. No. I actually lucked into having him. I went to my brother’s original doctor first a few years ago. He was nice enough, but a bit stand-offish. I went to a partner of his in the practice, and now I don’t hesitate to make an appointment if I get sick. This doctor actually listens to me. I never feel like he’s trying to rush out of the room. He asks questions. He jokes. It’s such a rarity these days to find a doctor who gets to know you, it makes me feel like he has a stake in me staying healthy.

Getting Letters in the Mail – This doesn’t happen often, but what can beat the feeling that someone took the time to actually hand write you a letter? While I hate junk mail, Ralph Lauren does this really well. They may not be hand-written, but they are contextual and specialized just to me.

When Arrow puts his head in my lap – Which is often. I still smile every time.

Getting my Entertainment Weekly on Fridays – I read it cover to cover. Best $20 I spent all year.

Working with my best friends – Work is work. I’ll never talk about it on here. But the people? Stellar. Especially that I get to work with my best guy and girl friend at the same time! It makes everyday stress so much more bearable. I try not to take this for granted.

TV moments that you have to rewind – Of course TV is involved! A few this week – Grey’s Anatomy when April loses it and grabs the ambulance… Vampire Diaries – when Damon tells Elena he loves her… Glee – the whole frickin’ episode.

Cooking a new recipe – I like to make them up. I love it when they come out tasty. I like it even more when someone bites into something I made and smiles.

Hugs – Who doesn’t like hugs? I’m not really a touchy person, but I love full-fledged hugs. Especially from clean, non-smelly people.

I could go on forever. I’ll make this a running list somewhere. It’s nice to think of those things that make you smile, especially when you have a stressful week. I hope this makes you think of those little things that make you smile.



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