How USA Saved Summer TV

Some people get Seasonal Affective Disorder as Summer turns to Fall and Fall freezes to Winter. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly be upset during the Fall when you have night after endless night of brand new, cinema quality television to enjoy. Gossip Girl! Supernatural! Desperate Housewives! Chuck! The list goes on and on. I get so excited by the mere prospect of all that unbridled entertainment, I make and release a premiere schedule so I can keep up with them all!

And in turn, come May each year, my dread starts to rise. As the season (and gasp! series) finales churn out, I know what’s coming. Summer Primetime TV Depression. Or SPTVD. The lull one hits when there are no new shows on Primetime TV to enjoy. What do you do with your time? Read? I already do that after TV. Play outside? It’s 103 degrees. Talk to people? That’s why you have Facebook.

Okay. So I kid about some of that. But SPTVD is real for my family. In previous years, there was no cure other than the occasional dose of a Friday night big Summer blockbuster. But now, we see the light! We have hope.

Hope came to us in the form of USA Network. Monday-Friday of entertainment spectacle and quality television. This Summer, they’ve knocked it out of the park.

White Collar, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, Psych, Burn Notice, Suites, Necessary Roughness. They could bottle those shows and sell them to me in pill form. They combine light Summer fare with witty pretty actors. They’re basically geniuses. TV crack selling geniuses.

And don’t think I forgot about the supporting cast. Showtime has Weeds and The Big C. TNT brought us Falling Skies. HBO has True Blood. SyFy has Alphas. FX has Wilfred.  ABC Family has some crap I wouldn’t admit to in public, but I DVR and watch every week.

Summer shows may not have the production budgets or flashy stars of their Prime Time counterparts, but they more than make up for it with creative storytelling and edge-pushing story lines.

So to my fellow SPTVD sufferers, we have hope again. We can use those three weeks in the summer to reflect on our lives (and re-watch Lost). Thank you cable and specifically USA for giving us our daily dose of entertainment.



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