Fall 2012 TV Premieres – Week 1 Verdicts

I was finally able to sift through the slew of premieres starting this past week. Mixed bag really…

Up All Night – A 30-something couple has a baby. He’s a stay-at-home dad (gave up his law career). She works for an Oprah-esque talk show host. A modern look at creating a family. Funny, but not hilarious. Some clunky dialogue, like they were trying too hard. Maya Rudolph (playing the talk show host) stole the show.

Verdict – I’ll watch it again, but it better turn up the laughs if they want to compete in a world with shows like Modern Family and HIMYM.

Ringer – Sarah Michelle Gellar returns tv as a set of twins, one super-rich and heinous, one a trashy stripper on the run from the mob. I was so hopeful for this. I love me some SMG. The special effects were Saturday Night Live quality. The dialogue was forced. The plot was oddly paced.

Verdict – Awful. Awful. Awful. I’ll watch episode two just for SMG, but I may have to find a show to replace Ringer.

90210 – We start the fourth season with a slew of backed up drama. Teenager angst has become college-kid angst. Rich kids gone wild. Guilty pleasure. Strong start to a promising season. Even though they’ve been through three other showrunners, the show has the same vibe it did last season. Fast-paced, high fun.

Verdict – Excited. Regular staple returning in reliable form.

The Vampire Diaries – Of all the shows returning, this one is in my top five. I LOVED every episode last season. Well except for Elena’s raspy wheezy voice. Caroline and Tyler go at it. Matt is in the know. Jeremy (grew up and got buff) is seeing the ghosts of his dead ex-girlfriends. Stefan is bad. They killed a regular already! It’s delicious tv fare. Only hope the Klaus/Stefan road show doesn’t drag on too long.

Verdict – Winner of the week. Saucy. Fun. Entertaining.

The Secret Circle – A girl moves to town after a mysterious man kills her mother. Too bad she’s walked into the middle of a magical conspiracy. The whole town wants something from her, including a set of brooding sexy teenagers (who are really 20-somethings, so we can ogle). The parents vs. kids battle seems unfair, but the main star is promising. The water drop scene in the forest was well worth it.

Verdict – Good addition to Thursday night. Not as slick as Vampire Diaries, but it has promise.

Next week is even bigger! Much more to come.



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