Candid Conversations

I’ve loved theBloggess for months now, and my favorite posts of hers is when she recounts her conversations with her husband, Victor. I decided to start chronicling the silliness of my conversations with the Giant.

The Giant and I were in bed, playing Words with Friends against each other, as we’ve been inclined to do for the past week. He’s discovered the secret to keeping my attention is communication through iPhone. He’s a genius. For reals.

Me: Why are you so… I know. You’re a Goose Monster!

Giant: You’re crazy.

Me: Rawwrrr! You’re a Goose Monster!

Giant: That’s a lame monster.

Me: I know right. It’s so lame. Kids aren’t even scared of you. You only scare babies. Under 12 months. You pop out and scare babies. 1 year-olds are too sophisticated for the Goose Monster.

Giant: Rawwrrr!

Me: And then the babies poop! So people know you’re around when they smell poo. You’re the Poo-Goose Monster.

Giant: I’m not a Goose Monster.

10 Minutes Later…

Me: Good night Goose Monster!

Giant: Shut up.



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