I never know what to say about myself in these contexts. So why not post a viral FB post?

25 Things About Me

1. I challenge myself randomly to silly things like eating only organic food for a week or avoiding all TV for a week. I don’t do to well at finishing these plans.

2. I’m a complete workaholic, especially on email. I check email constantly. But I get annoyed when people expect me to check email.

3. I’m superstitious about quite a few things, especially walking under ladders or spilling salt.

4. I hate clocks. In fact, I own two watches and neither are set correctly. I only have one alarm in my room. Wall clocks make me want to stab my ears out. The constant pressure of time beating down on me makes me ill.

5. I love LOST so much, I have the Season 1 figures adorning my entertainment hutch. After all the seasons come out on dvd/blu-ray, I have a secret plan to take off a week and watch them all in a row.

6. I plan on going to culinary school once I retire. I don’t want to work in a restaurant, I Just want to be able to cook ANYTHING that I can imagine or see.

7. I’m terrified of Zombies. It’s a huge phobia. I think its the only thing that could make me faint/cower/cry. I’d rather be eaten by a werewolf than even see a Zombie.

8. I’m an avid reader. I can devour a large book in about 2-3 days depending on how late I work. During holidays or weekends, I’ll read 300 pages in a day.

9. My personality is very non-addictive. I can turn it off if needed.

10. I have a strong inner preppy, but my favorite thing to wear is a hoodie and jeans.

11. I get insanely cranky if I don’t get any sleep.

12. I become another person when under the influence of the tequila. His name is Langdon. Fear the Langdon!

13. I grew up all over the US. I have no “hometown”.

14. Meredith Grey is my favorite character on TV. I relate to her crazy.

15. I could play board games for hours. I love them. I love the competition. I get hyper-competitive at Scattergories or trivia games.

16. If I could sing well, it’s the only thing I’d ever do. I’d sing all the time (even more than I do now). I’m half-way convinced I’ll wake up one morning and be able to sing.

17. Loyalty is my favorite trait. It’s more important to me than honesty or integrity.

18. Rudeness is my least favorite trait. Blatant rudeness makes me want to go a smackin’.

19. Excessive/overt compliments make me uncomfortable. So does staring.

20. When people spell definitely incorrectly, I can’t help but dislike them a little.

21. I made up elaborate stories/worlds when I was little. I was often a superhero. I still dream that I’m a superhero several times a year.

22. I won’t touch bathroom door handles unless I absolutely have to – as in I will get stuck inside if I don’t touch it. Bathrooms without paper towels freak me out.

23. The madder I get, the calmer and more articulate I can become. I’ll beat you down with my logical reasoning of why you’re wrong and/or stupid. 🙂 This in particular drives my family completely batshit crazy.

24. If I had any super-power, it would be teleportation. Driving is evil and for poor people.

25. This took me about 2 hours to do, because I hate revealing things like this to anyone. I’m odd like that.


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