Broken Angels

If you squinted, you might have made out the two female forms lying on the underside of the crescent moon one cool, clear night in October. If you were Superman or had a rather powerful telescope, you may notice they looked to be two twenty-something aged women clearly lounged about with arms and legs stretched or tangled. The moon was their hammock of choice that evening.

If you looked even closer, you would see their white hair shone like silver thread glittering akin to a star. Their pale skin reflected the sun’s light similar to the moon, giving them a polished and unearthly luster. If your mind could wrap around it, you might notice they both had a set of large white feathered wings protruding out of their backs. The wings were strewn as haphazardly as their limbs, an extension of the women inhabiting the moon. And you’d see eyes, such knowing eyes, that held all the secrets of the world.

And if your heart was more open than your eyes, you might recognize that moment as the fall of a Broken Angel.

“Allobess?” the longer and slightly thinner angel asked the other. “Why do you spend so much time with that human down there?”

Allobess smiled. Her glowing cheeks turned red, which caused the light off of her skin to dance like rubies. “I love him,” she said simply. Her voice danced on the air, like light shimmering through water drops. “He’s everything to me.”

Reganna shot up from her reclined position. “Are you serious? That lug? What are you thinking?”

After shifting her body to the side, Allobess propped her head up on her right elbow, and looked right into Regganna’s eyes. “He makes me feel alive. He’s the one, Reganna. We’re going to get married, and I might even have a family!” Allobess’ excitement made her voice physically affect the air around it. Perfect formed snowflakes spun and glided away from Allobess’ breath in the cold night air.

Reganna’s glow faltered and readjust to a light blue instead of the silver shimmer they both shared before. “I care about you Allobess. I don’t want you hurt.”

“Why would he ever hurt me?” Allobess responded, full of shock. Reganna thought she might have seen some doubt flicker in Allobess’ eyes. “In fact,” Allobess continued, “I’m going to see him tonight. I’m going to show him who I really am.”

Reganna’s blue light changed to a murky grey. “Allobess! If you do that, and he loves you back, you’ll lose your wings. You’ll become human. And besides, love should build you up, not strip you down like it has.”

Allobess just smiled. Her light was radiant and blindingly white. “It will be perfect,” she half said to herself, blatantly ignoring her best friend’s comment.

Several hours later, as the night came to a close, and the sun decided to take it’s place in the Great Cycle, a little boy in a corn field saw the two angels flying overhead, dancing in between the rising beams of dawn. He wasn’t sure what he saw, but his soul runneth over with joy.

After they said their goodbyes, Allobess flew over to the window of the apartment she acquired after meeting her boyfriend. She fluttered there for a second, sighing as the sun’s rays poke through a crevice in the side of the building. “Love will not be denied,” she said to herself as she unlatched the window she had climbed out of only  a few hours before.

She knew she had a few hours before he’d come over to meet her for lunch. She felt the jubilation well up in her chest like a firework frozen mid-explosion inside of her body. Her fingers tingled with excitement. She let herself fall backwards onto her rarely slept-in bed.

After an hour of tidying up and straightening her scarcely decorated place, she decided to show and get ready for lunch. Her silver dress slipped off without her having to lift a finger. It simply dissolved off her like she was walking through a cloud of silver smoke.

As the water met her face, she let out a deep sigh. Of all the human habits she’d observed, showering was one of her favorites. She relished in the scented shampoos and body scrubs. Every shower was an adventure to her.

Lest she spend too much time giggling over the sensation of the conditioner softening her hair or the scrub on her skin, the alarm she set before the shower blared. She quickly rinsed off and got out of the shower to get dressed for what she considered the most important day of her very long life.

Just as she had dismissed her earlier outfit, she called forth a new one from whatever Ether she had instant access. A white polo, tailored to her form, and matching skirt appeared in smoke form to wrap around and solidify over her body.

Just as she was shaking the last of the tangles out of her eye, she heard the knock at the door. She shot one last glance of herself in the mirror, her eyes crackled with unearthly energy. The anticipation was so intense, she felt a weight across her entire body. She was afraid she may just burst from the inside out when she opens the door.

He strode in as she opened the door, right past her and into the living room to stand behind her simple but pretty rose-colored couch. “Ally,” he said as he smiled at her. “You look great.”

She swooned as she stepped closer to him. She took it all in. His chestnut hair, as it settled into place after his jaunt to the couch. His dark green eyes teased her from behind a broad but lean face. He towered over her in height. She was a petite thing, maybe 90 pounds. Her underside swiveled as she scanned how well he wore the simple white t-shirt and jeans across his body. She couldn’t wait to smell him. Soap and rosemary. She wanted to bottle it.

“Adrien,” she said softly, trying to hide her eagerness. “I have to tell you something.”

His smile dropped, but his voice remained soft and steady. “I have to tell you something too.”

Her feet stopped walking about a foot and a half from him. She had to look up into his eyes. “You first she said,” as she prepared to drop the glamor that hid her true form.

“I…” he paused. His voice wasn’t as steady. It warbled a bit. He looked away for a moment, absently scanning the bare fireplace past her couch. “I met someone,” he said while his glance avoided her face. “I don’t think we can be together anymore.”

Her entire body went numb. The well of excitement turned into a well of anxiety and spilled over into her limbs and organs. Everything inside of her clenched and froze and the same time.

“What?” She asked. “What do you mean?” His words, while registered on a physical level, bypassed her mind.

He looked at her this time, and placed a hand on either side of her shoulders. His touch shot tiny bolts of electricity through her skin. “Ally, you heard me.” He said lightly. “I have to break up with you.”

She lost her concentration and fell to the floor. She felt like she was sinking into a depth-less black hole. Nothing would stop her descent.

He cried out as she hit the floor. She looked up, thinking he was upset at her stumble, but he had a look of fear across his face. “What…” he stumbled anxiously. “What are you?”

She trembled. How could he ask her that? She shook her head, and a strand of her silver hair flew past her range of vision. She realized what had happened. Her glamor failed.

He backed up away from her, edging towards the door. He tripped over a side table, knocking over a lamp, while trying to step backwards.

A tear formed in her right eye and rolled down her cheek. He screamed in pain and grabbed his eyes. He turned and launched himself out of her apartment. The last thing she heard as he slammed the door is, “Freak.”

Her composure broke along with her spirit. She fell backwards as the tears fell from her eyes. Little pools of pure light hit the floor and vanished, returning to some far away world of light. The room spun around her. She let herself fall backwards towards the floor. The room spun faster and faster and disappeared from her view while the tears flooded her eyes.

The cold drop of water woke her up. She opened her eyes to nighttime. She was in the middle of a street she didn’t recognize, fast asleep on the pavement. She sat up, feeling drained to the depths of her soul. She looked to her back to check on her wings and gasped. He right wing had gone from solid pearl-white to jet black. It hung crookedly on her back, a slouched limb that barely responded when she tried to extend it.

The rain picked up and matted her hair to her head. She was partially thankful for the downpour. It washed away the caked feeling gnawing at her eyes. She put a hand on the pavement to push herself up, when she heard someone clear their throat.

She peered her head over her left shoulder to see a tall man with a baseball cap on standing over here. “Need help Miss?” he asked. She stared at him blankly. She wondered if she could trust him.

“I reckon you’re some kind of Angel?” he asked politely. “I’ve never seen one up close and personal, but I can tell that’s what you are. Cause of your wings and sparkly such.”

Normally she would have shot up into the sky and disappeared from view. She was just too worn to care. “My wing…” she was able to get out.

He nodded. “Looks messed up pretty good,” he said while leaning over her body to take a better look. “Did you fall on it?”

She nodded hesitantly.

“I’m sorry to say this right up front, but you have to be the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, human or angel,” he said without a shred of aggression. He was almost bashful.

She tried a weak smile. “Let’s get you out of the street, Miss,” he said and extended a hand down to her.

She watched his hand for a moment before deciding to take it. She was soaked and freezing cold and needed someone to help her tend to her wing. She picked up her right hand and laid it into his.

The moment their hands touched, she felt it. An electrical current coursing through her. It was different than before. This current didn’t cause her excited panic, it revitalized her sore body.

He lifted her up like she was made of glass. “I’m Carl,” he said as he tipped his hat to her. He kept his left hand wrapped around hers. “Care to get you up the street to some shelter? I know a great place for coffee.”

She nodded again. The pain of her earlier rejection had riddled her body with proverbial holes. She needed someplace quiet to regain some of herself.

The pair walked down the street, ignoring the pouring rain. Carl whistled to himself and kept a slow pace making sure she kept up with him.

As they hit the top of a hill, a black feather fell off of Allobess’ right wing. It turned and twisted in the air, flitting through the rain drops like they didn’t exist. When it finally did land, it was white as snow.


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